Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1st Day of School

And They're Off

How is it I only came home with 50% of my kids?? Elias started 1st grade and Emma started kindergarten. After they dropped off thier backpacks Elias ran to the foursquare game and started playing. A split second later he turned around and saw Emma and then I had to hold back tears. He very sweetly called Emma over and explained the game and made sure she was included. He was very proud to show Emma "his" school and teach her the ropes.

First the kids lined up, then one of the dads prayed for each of the classes, and then one last class picture.

And then we had to leave. Brooke was use to leaving Elias at school but couldn't bear to leave Emma too. She cried most of the way home asking for Emma. She will certainly have an adjustment playing by herself.