Thursday, June 25, 2009

Elias's Birthday

7 Already?!?!?

How is my first born already 7?

I think we relit the candles 3 times before Elias actually got to blow out his own candles. Brooke was the first selfless one to help out and then one of the other kids thought that looked fun. We finally had to give strict instructions to all kids not named Elias to hold thier breath.

What do you want to be when you grow up? : Fireman

What is your favorite food: pizza

What is your favorite candy: gum

If you were rich what would you buy: a pretend gun

What is your favorite thing to do: wrestle with dad

What is your favorite color: green

What is your favorite animala: dinosaur

What makes you laugh: tickels from dad

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Series of Events.

Chain Reaction

" I can't have any nice things with you kids." I can remember my Mom saying this alot when I was young. I didn't really understand it until I had kids of my own. Today it was the broom. One of the chores for the kids is to sweep the kitchen floor but today things were dragging. I went to go check on things and the child was in the bathroom with the door locked. Upon further investigation a series of infractions had taken place. 1. Child stopped sweeping. 2. Child used broom as gun to shoot another child. (In our home we don't pretend to shoot people) 3. Broom was bent and broken during a struggle between shooter and victim. 4. Behind a locked bathroom door toothpaste was being shoved down the broken broom handle?!?! I'm not sure what prompted the toothpaste and couldn't get a straight answer. But was amazed at how many steps it took to get a messy broken broom in the bathroom.

More Sayings

Things We've Heard Lately

1. Elias is dropped off by our carpool at the curb. When I go out to greet him Emma comes with me but first she turns of the TV. We're only gone about 2 minutes so why does she turn of the TV?

Emma: I want to save the TV for Elias.

2. Elias: Mrs. Busenitz, can I have a drink?
Mom: Only if you start calling me Mom.

Mom: What were you thinking?!?!?
I had alot of things I was carrying one day as we were going out the door so I asked Elias to hold my wallet. When I finally made it out to the parking garage I noticed Elias didn't have my wallet. Upon further investigation I found out he threw it up into one of the storage units above the cars. It was completely out of reach and out of sight. Never did figure out what he was thinking when he thre it.

This happened as Brooke was holding Zach and trying to give him his pacifier.
Brooke: Wackery, open mouth.

. Mom: This meal was made by Grandma.
Elias: Is that why it tastes so good?

6. Emma: Why does Zach poop if all he does is drink your milk? He should only pee.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Baby

We Got Smiles

Some of them are the gas producing kind but we are starting to get the real ones too.