Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Seven Years Ago....
we were married. Seven years ago today we were in Florida for our honeymoon. I would love to be in Florida now, but not as we were 7 years ago. Not that we started off rocky. Things were great and are great. It sure would be nice to go on a vacation with my husband and just my husband.

On Monday (our anniversay day) our plan was to go out to dinner by ourselves. But things happened differently. Brooke came down with a terrible runny nose and an ear infection. Some friends from church were going to babysit, but with Brooke being sick and in a terrible mood we just couldn't subject them to our kids. However, Alex and I still really wanted to go out, so we decided to pack the kids up and hope for the best.

So we marched the whole crew into the Cheesecake Factory. In hopes of making it feel more like a date I made everyone dress up. I thought it would feel more special and it would set the tone for better behavior. And I decided to leave the diaper bag at home and cheerfully carried just my purse. (Although, is it still a purse and not a diaper bag if I shove a diaper, sippy cup and some toys in it.) All in all it was a pretty peaceful meal. Alex and I didn't have any deep meaningful conversation but neither were we completely busy dealing with spills or other disasters or disruptive behavior. In fact the only odd behavior was when Elias decided to place a pile of french fries on my head. Leave it to the oldest child to pull a stunt like that. It was a nice break from the mundane, even if we couldn't head off to Florida for a second honeymoon.

Elias practiced his picture taking skills. What is it about Cheesecake Factory's? I have never visited one that did not have a fountain in front of it. It's become an unspoken tradition that we always take a picture in front of the fountains.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Police visit Calvary Kids

Capturing the Bad Guys

A policeman or rather a police woman came to Elias's preschool this last Friday. The kids were very excited when they heard they were going to get in the police car.

After Elias got out of the police car I asked him if he was a bad guy and we needed to lock him up. In all seriousness he looked at me and said, "I was just sitting in the car."

The kids all wore thier badges in preparation for the cop.

Friday, April 25, 2008

And More Sayings

More Sayings - all from Elias today


Mom: Elias, you have been obeying Mommy really well today. Thank you for all the chores you got done.

Elias: Tell me more.


As we drive to church we pass Alex's old job. The kids's always shout when they spot it. Recently we commented to them that dad doesn't work there anymore. It's been over two months and they hadn't realized Dad wasn't going to work. But anyways... Here's a conglomeration of conversations that took place on our way to church.

Elias: There's the place where Dad use to work. Do people still work there?

Dad: Yes

Elias: Where are you going to work next?

Dad: We don't know. God hasn't told us yet.

Elias: How is God going to tell us where to work? We can't hear him talk.

Dad: We can hear God talk in the Bible.

Elias: When are you going to get another job?

Dad: When God provides one.

Elias: Why hasn't he told us yet? Is he still thinking?

Elias is in the stage of trying to figure out all the family relationships. We are still trying to explain to Elias and Emma that they can't marry each other.

Elias: Is Dad grandma's kid?

Mom: Yes

Elias: Is Dad a kid or a grownup?

Quiet Please

Just Needed a Little Quiet Time

This is what happened when I really wanted to read my Bible. The baby was sleeping and Elias was out with Dad. I told Emma to stay at the computer, play starfall and not say anything while I read in the livingroom. She obeyed.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

I'm So Glad That's Over
Yesterday Alex and I had the stomach flu. I think there should be a law against both parents being sick at the same time (or when one parent is sick when the other is out of town). While we were laying in bed with aches all over and frequent trips to the bathroom, the kids were running around the house with the opposite amount of energy. And as I've read recently on another blog the outcome really could have been a lot worse. The only two mishaps were gum in the hair and the indoor/outdoor carpet being ripped up off the balcony resulting in black grit everywhere. Surprisingly it took less hairwashings to get the gum out of Emma's hair than it did to get the grit out of Brooke's hair. I'm still trying to figure out how to clean up the balcony without getting black water all over the neighbor's balcony downstairs, but that's a job for another day. Thankfully, however, we are back in the saddle today and somehow my energy has come back full force. It's only 10 and the entire house has been put back in place and vacuumed. A feat that doesn't often happen on a normal day. Now the laundry baskets are full and ready to be washed. Not sure if that will get done today.
While laying in bed yesterday not wanting to get up and deal with the kids, my husband reminded me that these difficult moments are opportunities to obey. I can either grumble and complain or I can choose to believe God's grace is sufficient and with a thankful heart go to the duties that the Lord has put before me. I wish I could say I always chose the grace, but bits of grumbling still surfaced. But thankfully I have the promise of 1 John. If I confess He is faithful to forgive. I know these trials (aka flu) are all apart of His purpose to mold me into his image, but I must confess that during the trial it is really hard to value being made in His image when all I want is to feel better. That battle of flesh is so hard. Thankfully my Lord is so very patient. And hopefully during the next trial I will be able to be thankful during instead of just after.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Balancing Act

Practicing for the Chinese Acrobats
**warning, pictures may not be suitable for viewing by grandparents**
*please be assured that no kiddos were hurt during the taking of these pictures*

Still no job, but we're having fun. If things start getting desparate we may start up a sidewalk act and put out a hat.


The Poppies are in Bloom

We drove an hour north today to go to The Poppy Festival, which was a little bit misleading. The only poppies we saw were a few potted ones as we entered the gates. It was a lot of arts & crafts and funnel cake type booths. We saw lots of pictures of poppies but no actual flowers. So after leaving The Festival we drove to the hills to find the real deal. It was very windy so the flowers were not opened up, but it was really neat to see the sea of orange.

Because the poppy is the California state flower it is illegal to pick a poppy in the wild. I, therefore, gave Elias strict instructions to NOT pick any flowers. But as he was running through the field it occurred to me that he was destroying way more flowers than if he had picked a few for his mama. But who can resist the urge of running and singing "the hills are alive" with this kind of setting.

The girls were so tuckered out from the festival that I couldn't bear to wake them for the real deal. But it was killing me to not get a family picture in such a picturesque setting.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another Blog

Peer Pressure?

I don't know if you call it peer pressure if it comes from a sister. Call it what you want, a request, plea, demand, or appeal. I happen to like guilt trip. My sister needs to start a blog. Elise is just too cute for me not to see regular pictures of her and since I live way too far away a blog is a must.

So what do you think? I've been racking my brain for ideas for a name of a blog for Sarah. Add your ideas in the comments.
Ok, here are some of the suggestions. My favorite is Holly's.
ksarahsarah.blogspot.com (from the song kay sa ra sa ra, which is actually que sera sera)
babblefromabennett.blogspot.com or bennettbabble.blogspot.com

These pictures are just too cute to not blog. And when one has a dad-in-law who takes the best pictures, I think it should be required to blog.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Better Late Than Never

It's a little late but I'm finally getting to my Easter pictures.
Brooke is purposely absent. We are starting to get out numbered and therefore the 1 year old did not get to particpate in the egg dyeing process.
They look so cute and almost angelic all dressed up. If it didn't come unraveled in 3.2 seconds I would do it more often. It made it easier this year with Grandma helping with hair and bows. And of course, when Grandma is around the smiles always come easier.

I am really into family traditions. And this is another one that my family puts up with. It has been my (Haverland) family's tradition to take Easter pictures with the dyed eggs in the shape of the year. You can look back in my childhood photos and know exactly what year each Easter picture was taken. And so the Alex Busenitz family is carrying that tradition on. But I have yet to get the whole gang dressed and eaten in time to take pictures before church. Therfore my ever patient husband helps me get tired and hungry kiddos to pose for an Easter picture after we come home from church. Some years have gone better than others, but in general the pictures contain tears.

Here's a few from the past. I always enjoy looking back. They grow up so quickly. I couldn't decide which ones to include so here they all are.