Wednesday, November 14, 2007


All Dressed Up

Saturday evening I had the kids clothes all laid out for church the next day. This is not a completely normal occurance, but if I'm on top of things it's on my Saturday to do list. However, Sunday morning when I went to dress Brooke I realized the dress I had gotten out for her was too small, so I went with plan B. When I handed Elias his kacki's there was a huge stain on it (from a melted crayon) that I hadn't noticed the night before, and therefore had to find something else for him to wear as well. After was all said and done I looked at the kids and myself and realized we were all dressed in black and white and ready for church early. I guess Alex didn't get the memo because he had a blue shirt on. But he changed to a white shirt and we thought we would try and get a family picture at church. It didn't work so this is all we got. Sometimes I plan and plan and things never go as well as when I see God's hand perfectly orchestrating things.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dressing up

Elias loves dressing up and pretending. These are a couple of his latest opportunities to dress up. These are all church activites so instead of Halloween costumes we dressed up for "Harvest parties."

Watch out there's a new sheriff in town. For Calvary kids the kids dressed up like something on a farm and had a little parade at a convelescent home. Elias's favorite part were the spurs.

For Awana they had to dress up like a Bible hero. After putting my bathrobe on him for inspiration I came up with the idea of adding a crown and voila, we had a Kind David outfit. Elias is always running around our apartment keeping us safe from giants so this was a perfect idea. Thankfully my son does not have high standards in the dress up department and is quite content with whatever his mom throws together.

Autumn in California

It's pumpkin time!!

In California we like to pretend it's fall. Even though the temperatures are in the 70's and 80's Emma insists on wearing her sweater. One of the ways we pretend that we are not in urban LA is to visit the Underwood Family farm. Right now it's the closest thing my kids know about animals and gardens. The kids loved being able to choose thier very own pumpkin and loved climbing on the giant pumpkins.

This pumpkin was too big to take home.

But this one was just right!

It took a little coaxing but the kids loves feeding the donkeys.