Thursday, December 4, 2008



Usually Brooke helps herself out of her crib and I find her playing with Elias and Emma. Today I was surprised to hear her crying. This is what I found. It was pretty dark in her room so I guess she got confused on what side of bed to get out of. And less you think I'm a horrible mom, the camera happened to be sitting onto of the kid's dresser so she didn't get left in her predicament too long.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Today it was easily picked up

It was a mild mess day

I'm not sure I'm going to keep taking pictures of these. She usually gets a spanking for the offense, but then I turn around and take a picture and tell her to smile. That smile just melts my heart. Thankfully she hasn't figured it out and still gets the deer in the headlight look when I find her at the crime scene.

Today while Alex was making lunch Brooke was supposedly playing contentedly stacking jars in the pantry closet. But then he looked down and Brooke had found an unopened bottle of mustard. She had quickly managed to take off the cap, peel off the seal and cover herself in mustard. Alex commented that she was sitting right next to him and managed to make a mess. She doesn't have to be out of your sight to creat a mess. Yesterday she was sitting as my feet while I was folding laundry. I looked down and was just in time to save my tub full of detergent from being dumped on the floor. A little while later she was at my side while I was putting the laundry away. I looked down and found her with a tube of lotion about to squirt it all over the carpet. I'm telling you, you have to be quick with her.


Sleeping at the feet of the Bear
This is what I found the other night as I checked on the kids before turning in myself. I'm not sure why the bear got such a royal treatment but I think he needs to find a new guard that doesn't fall asleep on the job. I'm wondering how Brooke's pink blanket got out of her crib and into Elias's bed. I'm assuming the same culprit also brought the toy gun because I'm pretty sure Elias knows better than to bring toys to bed.
And side note: the kids have learned that if they sleep on top of thier covers then they don't have to make thier beds in the morning. This works because we live in southern California. It does have it's advantages.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


We're Done!

Technically graduation is not until May but today was Alex's last seminary class. The summer of 2002 we moved from Kansas City to Los Angeles so Alex could attend seminary. We thought it would be 3 or 4 years, however, God had a different time table and now 6 1/2 years later we have our husband and dad back.

So what's next? Only the Lord knows for now. Our current plans are to stay where we're at. Alex would like to devote the time he's been giving to classes to get more involved at church and gain more experience. He's in no rush to take over the great pastoral responsibilites of a whole church. But if you know of a church in need of a pastor, I know of a really great candidate.
But for now, we are done with this and I couldn't be happier!!!!!!!!!!!!!