Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas Eve we had an early supper and quickly got things picked up. We really don't have any traditions as we have traveled every other Christmas so the kids didn't have any expectations for Christmas Eve. We turned the tree lights on and lit all the candles. The kids were quite excited to have family devotions by candle light. We had decided that we would let the kids open a couple of presents Christmas Eve but didn't tell them. As a result they were very patient as we sat around the candle lit living room talking and singing. It's a scene that I will hold dearly in my heart. The kids were very surprised when we suggested opening a few presents Christmas.
It ended up being nice spreading out the present opening. Christmas morning the kids woke up and played with the toys they had opened the night before not begging to open presents. And we did open the rest of the presents we we took time to play with each toy instead of continually telling the kids, "no don't open that game, let's keep opening presents." It's a tradition we may keep up.

Zach's Christmas

Baby's First Christmas

And as to be predicted he was more interested in the paper than the presents.

And much to mom's "non" delight this little guy started crawling before Christmas. I thought I had another month left before needing to baby-proof everything, but Zach decided he didn't want to wait any longer to try and catch up to his siblings. His new presents do not keep him occupied. He is a typical 4th child and is not content unless someone is in his face playing with him. Thankfully there are many siblings to fill the job.

Friday, December 18, 2009

We're Ready

It's finally up
It seems I'm a little behind this year. Usually my goal is to have all my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving. This year I didn't even start until after Thanksgiving. We put up the earlier this week and finally last night the kids and I decorated it. So we are enjoying the tree for the 7 days before Christmas.

I started a Christmas tradition a few years ago of collecting Christmas toys. That way when I put up the tree they have things to play with because really kids don't appreciate just looking all the Christmas decorations. Last year we added the fisher price nativity scene. And apparantly the fisher price castle should be sold with it becuase in our house the wise men visit Harod in a pink castle. I think the day before Christmas we'll add the wrapped presents but until then the kids are enjoying the nativity puzzle, books, and blocks which makes for a happy momma.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

More Sayings

While We Were Walking
We finished up our school work early and headed out for a walk before lunch. Each child had thier funny comments which all began with "Look Mom".
Emma: Look Mom, they have a statue in thier front yard. I hope they don't worship it. That would be breaking God's law.
Brooke: Look at me Mom. I carry heavy rock.
Mom: No that's not a rock. That's a brick and it's apart of thier landscaping. Put it back.
Elias: Look Mom at all those leaves. It's Fall under that tree.


Family Fun Snack
They're turkeys made out of half of a pear, slices of oranges and apples, and raisins. It's so easy to impress kids.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Another Milestone

We've got a sitter, and he's quite pleased with himself.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Don't let the face fool you.

He loved the sweet potatoes.

And it looks like Brooke won't be our only smiley one.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1st Day of School

And They're Off

How is it I only came home with 50% of my kids?? Elias started 1st grade and Emma started kindergarten. After they dropped off thier backpacks Elias ran to the foursquare game and started playing. A split second later he turned around and saw Emma and then I had to hold back tears. He very sweetly called Emma over and explained the game and made sure she was included. He was very proud to show Emma "his" school and teach her the ropes.

First the kids lined up, then one of the dads prayed for each of the classes, and then one last class picture.

And then we had to leave. Brooke was use to leaving Elias at school but couldn't bear to leave Emma too. She cried most of the way home asking for Emma. She will certainly have an adjustment playing by herself.

Monday, August 10, 2009

My Family

The People I Love

Monday, July 6, 2009

Keeping Them Busy

Summer Doings
Trying to quickly get all the chores done I bribed the kids with watercolor paints. When I went to the other room to get the camera I came back to an empty water bowl. Brooke had decided the nasty brown water looked yummy and drank the whole things. Thankfully they are nontoxic.

A new basketball has brought a seige of requests to be brought to the park. Oh the woes of apartment living and no driveway to practice free throws.

The rewards of reading... After Completing his 6 hours of reading this last year at school, Elias earned a ticket to Six Flags Magic Mountain. To Mom's amazement a 7 year old is tall enough for many of the roller coasters. Thankfully it was Dad who took him and they both enjoyed a full day of roller coasters and bumper cars staying until the park closed.

Capturing the first roller coast ride.

After a whole school year of painful sessions of sitting at the table and practicing penmanship the kids have discovered a fun summer game. They write a funny sentence and then Dad corrects the spelling. The most recent sentence: "Dad likes to smell trash".

After a year of Kindergarten I scored two kids that learned to read. Emma didn't want to be left out in the learning and was always hovering over Elias's shoulder. As a result she can read and I mean really read. I often find her in her bedroom with book in hand.

The other day after completing his sweeping chore Elias announced he had named all of our chairs. Dad's chair was named "Studying", Emma's "Reading", Brooke's "Everything", Elias's "Karate", and Mom's "Milk". All the names describe what we do. Mine is milk because I "sit around and feed Zach milk all day". This explains why our summer pictures are mostly inside pictures. Tis the season this summer.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Elias's Birthday

7 Already?!?!?

How is my first born already 7?

I think we relit the candles 3 times before Elias actually got to blow out his own candles. Brooke was the first selfless one to help out and then one of the other kids thought that looked fun. We finally had to give strict instructions to all kids not named Elias to hold thier breath.

What do you want to be when you grow up? : Fireman

What is your favorite food: pizza

What is your favorite candy: gum

If you were rich what would you buy: a pretend gun

What is your favorite thing to do: wrestle with dad

What is your favorite color: green

What is your favorite animala: dinosaur

What makes you laugh: tickels from dad

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Series of Events.

Chain Reaction

" I can't have any nice things with you kids." I can remember my Mom saying this alot when I was young. I didn't really understand it until I had kids of my own. Today it was the broom. One of the chores for the kids is to sweep the kitchen floor but today things were dragging. I went to go check on things and the child was in the bathroom with the door locked. Upon further investigation a series of infractions had taken place. 1. Child stopped sweeping. 2. Child used broom as gun to shoot another child. (In our home we don't pretend to shoot people) 3. Broom was bent and broken during a struggle between shooter and victim. 4. Behind a locked bathroom door toothpaste was being shoved down the broken broom handle?!?! I'm not sure what prompted the toothpaste and couldn't get a straight answer. But was amazed at how many steps it took to get a messy broken broom in the bathroom.

More Sayings

Things We've Heard Lately

1. Elias is dropped off by our carpool at the curb. When I go out to greet him Emma comes with me but first she turns of the TV. We're only gone about 2 minutes so why does she turn of the TV?

Emma: I want to save the TV for Elias.

2. Elias: Mrs. Busenitz, can I have a drink?
Mom: Only if you start calling me Mom.

Mom: What were you thinking?!?!?
I had alot of things I was carrying one day as we were going out the door so I asked Elias to hold my wallet. When I finally made it out to the parking garage I noticed Elias didn't have my wallet. Upon further investigation I found out he threw it up into one of the storage units above the cars. It was completely out of reach and out of sight. Never did figure out what he was thinking when he thre it.

This happened as Brooke was holding Zach and trying to give him his pacifier.
Brooke: Wackery, open mouth.

. Mom: This meal was made by Grandma.
Elias: Is that why it tastes so good?

6. Emma: Why does Zach poop if all he does is drink your milk? He should only pee.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Baby

We Got Smiles

Some of them are the gas producing kind but we are starting to get the real ones too.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Big Helpers

Being the 4th child has it's advantages

like being read to,

Being pushed,

And getting help with keeping that pacifier in.

But sometimes the help gets tired of the noise.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


We're Done

In 2002 we began an adventure. With our first new little baby boy we packed up a u-haul, left Kansas City and headed to Los Angeles so Alex could attend the Master's Seminary. Little did we know that 7 years later with three additional kids we would finally be done. When we first came to California we stayed with some relatives while we looked for a place to live and a refridgerator (CA apartments do not come with refridgerators). We found someone who was giving away a refridgerator because they were leaving the states. Not only did we receive thier refridgerator but we moved into thier apartment the same day they moved out. And the storage unit we had our things in turned out to be just around the corner. Only a sovereign God could have times all these details. And we have 7 years worth of similiar stories we could share of God's amazing goodness and faithfullness. We praise him for bringing us through this adventure and look forward to what lies ahead. So what lies ahead? We don't know. Alex would like to serve as an associate pastor and so we are waiting to see what God has planned

We are very thankful not only for the training that Alex received during seminary but also for the faithful men who were apart of that training. "The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also." 2 Timothy 2:2. These men have been faithfull examples of integrity to God's word.