Monday, July 6, 2009

Keeping Them Busy

Summer Doings
Trying to quickly get all the chores done I bribed the kids with watercolor paints. When I went to the other room to get the camera I came back to an empty water bowl. Brooke had decided the nasty brown water looked yummy and drank the whole things. Thankfully they are nontoxic.

A new basketball has brought a seige of requests to be brought to the park. Oh the woes of apartment living and no driveway to practice free throws.

The rewards of reading... After Completing his 6 hours of reading this last year at school, Elias earned a ticket to Six Flags Magic Mountain. To Mom's amazement a 7 year old is tall enough for many of the roller coasters. Thankfully it was Dad who took him and they both enjoyed a full day of roller coasters and bumper cars staying until the park closed.

Capturing the first roller coast ride.

After a whole school year of painful sessions of sitting at the table and practicing penmanship the kids have discovered a fun summer game. They write a funny sentence and then Dad corrects the spelling. The most recent sentence: "Dad likes to smell trash".

After a year of Kindergarten I scored two kids that learned to read. Emma didn't want to be left out in the learning and was always hovering over Elias's shoulder. As a result she can read and I mean really read. I often find her in her bedroom with book in hand.

The other day after completing his sweeping chore Elias announced he had named all of our chairs. Dad's chair was named "Studying", Emma's "Reading", Brooke's "Everything", Elias's "Karate", and Mom's "Milk". All the names describe what we do. Mine is milk because I "sit around and feed Zach milk all day". This explains why our summer pictures are mostly inside pictures. Tis the season this summer.


Sarah said...

Sounds like you are making the most of your indoor summer. Love the post, makes wish we lived closer! Hugs to you all!

Anonymous said...

I just love, love, love your blog. I like that your kids are so normal, creative and oh so fun! I had not looked at it since shortly after you had little Zachary, but today the kids and I looked at it and oh what laughs! I read to my kids your little captions by the pictures. Levi, who also just turned seven, especially loved the roller coaster ride and baseball cake video. Mercy loved your little girls. Good work on your blog! Keep recording these precious memories with your four wonderful blessings!
Katy K.