Thursday, August 30, 2007

A five year old's camping trip.

Last weekend Elias had the fun opportunity to go on a father son camping trip with Alex. He came home covered in dirt and full of stories. Because of the dry weather they were not allowed to have a campfire, which meant no roasted marshmellows. However, it was Elias' first camping trip and he didn't know what he was missing and had a great time.

Look closely and you'll notice a pile of rocks in front of the tent. What is it about little boys and thier rocks. The other day I found stash of pebbles hiding behind our phone - not just two or three, but about a dozen. Elias later informed me that is where he puts them when I tell him he can't play with the rocks inside and to get rid of them.

Some of the other boys played in the mud, but Alex tells me that only Elias got so dirty. I guess he had to make up for our non-backyard, apartment living. He now has one less pair of white socks and an extra pair of brown socks.

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