Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I can water the plant but I have to trust God with the fruit.
This year we decided to try and grow a cherry tomato plant on our balcony. I have never been able to keep a plant alive so I had very low expectations. But miraculously I remembered to water it and it was thriving for a while. When our first little tomato turned red we cut it into fourths and Alex, Elias, Emma and I had a little feast. We later got a couple more and at one point I counted 50 little green tomatoes. I started getting very excited about our future crop and was beginning to think that maybe my brown thumb was turning green. But the picture above is NOT my fault. I have been watering it, even twice a day lately. For the last week our highs have been in the 100's and it has not got below 80 in almost a week. My poor little plant is baking. There is nothing more I can do but to wait on the Lord to change the weather. I am very thankful that I don't serve a mysterious god above to whom I have to put a bowl full of cookies out on my balcony to try and earn favor with. But I serve a very loving God, who graciously reveals himself in His word. It is this very loving Father that controls my weather and the one in whom I place my hope resting in the knowledge of Romans 8:28. And I'm glad that all things working for good doesn't mean a plant full of lots of red tomatoes, although it may. God is working all things to conform me into his image, and boy is there alot of work to be done. He can use a cherry tomato plant and a scorching heatwave to turn my thougthts to Him and to praise Him for his good and sovereign ways.


Naomi said...

I'll pray for the tomatoes!

Anonymous said...

look out you will get hooked on farming. we have 15 pumpkins this year, lots of accorn squash and a lot of tomatoes. our chickens are laying 6 eggs a day. although we discovered another rooster. enjoyed the pictures of the kids. auntie margaret