Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dressing up

Elias loves dressing up and pretending. These are a couple of his latest opportunities to dress up. These are all church activites so instead of Halloween costumes we dressed up for "Harvest parties."

Watch out there's a new sheriff in town. For Calvary kids the kids dressed up like something on a farm and had a little parade at a convelescent home. Elias's favorite part were the spurs.

For Awana they had to dress up like a Bible hero. After putting my bathrobe on him for inspiration I came up with the idea of adding a crown and voila, we had a Kind David outfit. Elias is always running around our apartment keeping us safe from giants so this was a perfect idea. Thankfully my son does not have high standards in the dress up department and is quite content with whatever his mom throws together.

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Sarah Bennett said...

It is funny to me that this post is about your son and not your daughter! I have a friend with three boys who play dress up more that Elise. You get an A in my book for creativity!