Wednesday, November 14, 2007


All Dressed Up

Saturday evening I had the kids clothes all laid out for church the next day. This is not a completely normal occurance, but if I'm on top of things it's on my Saturday to do list. However, Sunday morning when I went to dress Brooke I realized the dress I had gotten out for her was too small, so I went with plan B. When I handed Elias his kacki's there was a huge stain on it (from a melted crayon) that I hadn't noticed the night before, and therefore had to find something else for him to wear as well. After was all said and done I looked at the kids and myself and realized we were all dressed in black and white and ready for church early. I guess Alex didn't get the memo because he had a blue shirt on. But he changed to a white shirt and we thought we would try and get a family picture at church. It didn't work so this is all we got. Sometimes I plan and plan and things never go as well as when I see God's hand perfectly orchestrating things.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like a normal, crazy sunday morning to me! :) enjoying the photos! :)