Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More Please

One of Those Days

Every once in a while one of these kind of days happen. It's been a joy to be a mom today and I'm documenting it so I'll remember the good times. Somehow my mind remembers the tougher days, but let this be a monument that there are good days. The kids were by far not perfect (although this picture was the first shot in the series), but they were better behaved than normal.

Silly Things I'm Thankful For

1. The swimming pool in our apartment complex and for how well the kids sleep after a long evening swim.

2. A son who can sweep the kitchen floor (I hate that chore for some reason).

3. Fruit loops (I'm sure a bowl of fruit loops has got to be less calories than a bowl of ice cream)

4. Fixed plumbing in the apartment complex laundry room, clean laundry soon to follow.

5. Air Conditioning!!! (And a gracious husband who after seeing the electric bill still lets me run the air conditioner)

6. Days like today :)

This is Elias and Emma mimicing their silly Grandma and Grandpa with Elise.


Betty's Blocks said...

We'll have to get a picture of all of us being silly whenever we do get together. Grandma

Naomi said...

Those are some really cute kids!!

Sarah said...

I'll trade you days and kids!!