Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Pro's and Con's

of living in California

Con: Running the AC on September 16

Pro: Being able to go swimming after Elias comes home from school. (By the way, I expected Elias to come home completely worn out from a busy day at school. But despite all the wiggling his teacher is complaining about, Elias still comes home very hyper and needing to release alot of energy.

I don't know if this is a pro or con, it's just a part of life living in California. I have heard several comments from teacher and mom during recess that the balls keep flying over the fence into the Earl lot. It finally dawned on me what they meant when I saw a sign in the school parking lot. "Cast and Crew may not park in this parking lot". Apparantly the church/school that Elias is attending is next door to where they film "My Name is Earl." I have never seen this show before but if you see it this year and there are some kids yelling in the back ground listen for Elias.


Betty's Blocks said...

The main con of living in California is that it is so far away from us. Mom

Sarah said...

When did Elias get so tall his head is way above the water when standing in the pool? It is a huge con that you live so far from family.

the AB club said...

I agree it is a huge huge con that we live so far from Colorado. Maybe some day.

Stacy G. said...

Maybe you need to take him swimming before school too!! Swim some of the wiggles out before hand!