Monday, September 22, 2008

More Sayings

More Sayings Again

1. It must be election season. I heard the kids talking in the back of the car about Rock Bomma and John McBain. They had nice things to say about both them. "If you need help call Rock Bomm or John McBain". I think we had the TV on too much when he we pulled it out of the closet for the olympics.

2. Emma: "I need to go to school with Elias so I can help him."

3. Emma: "Can I have a lollipop, just in case."

Mom: Just in case of what?

Emma: Oh, I mean just because.

4. Emma doesn't really understand the difference between a video and a TV show. Case in point.

Emma: I'm going to turn off this TV show so I can save it for when Elias comes home from school. He really likes this one.

5. Brook: Mommy

This does not refer to her loving nurturing parent. It means "I want" and she uses it with myself, Alex and Emma. With Elias it's lala.

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Naomi said...

These always make me laugh!!

Rocket has been talking about Barak Obama too... I think his name is just fun to say.
The other day he was talking about all the different kind of drums in music class, and we asked him which his favorite drum was and he said "The Barak-O-Baum"... and I was like "What?!" and he said "oh, I mean the Bongo Drums".