Thursday, December 4, 2008



Usually Brooke helps herself out of her crib and I find her playing with Elias and Emma. Today I was surprised to hear her crying. This is what I found. It was pretty dark in her room so I guess she got confused on what side of bed to get out of. And less you think I'm a horrible mom, the camera happened to be sitting onto of the kid's dresser so she didn't get left in her predicament too long.


Holly said...

talk about getting out of the wrong side of the bed!

Stacy G. said...

My mind totally went to, "Oh, she did what I would have done...wait - let me get the camera and then I'll get you out!"

You'er better than I! :O)

Naomi said...

Are y'all still alive out there????

One Time With Aimee said...

Did you forget about us?