Thursday, November 19, 2009

More Sayings

While We Were Walking
We finished up our school work early and headed out for a walk before lunch. Each child had thier funny comments which all began with "Look Mom".
Emma: Look Mom, they have a statue in thier front yard. I hope they don't worship it. That would be breaking God's law.
Brooke: Look at me Mom. I carry heavy rock.
Mom: No that's not a rock. That's a brick and it's apart of thier landscaping. Put it back.
Elias: Look Mom at all those leaves. It's Fall under that tree.


Sarah said...

What Zach had no comment??? I love your kids and their cute sayings!

Sandy said...

Love those cute comments! You need to update your "club membership" section on your blog unless you guys are purposefully leaving baby out of your club. ;)