Friday, December 18, 2009

We're Ready

It's finally up
It seems I'm a little behind this year. Usually my goal is to have all my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving. This year I didn't even start until after Thanksgiving. We put up the earlier this week and finally last night the kids and I decorated it. So we are enjoying the tree for the 7 days before Christmas.

I started a Christmas tradition a few years ago of collecting Christmas toys. That way when I put up the tree they have things to play with because really kids don't appreciate just looking all the Christmas decorations. Last year we added the fisher price nativity scene. And apparantly the fisher price castle should be sold with it becuase in our house the wise men visit Harod in a pink castle. I think the day before Christmas we'll add the wrapped presents but until then the kids are enjoying the nativity puzzle, books, and blocks which makes for a happy momma.


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Sarah said...

Elise loves seeing her cousin play with some of the same Christmas toys we have! Merry Christmas!