Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas Eve we had an early supper and quickly got things picked up. We really don't have any traditions as we have traveled every other Christmas so the kids didn't have any expectations for Christmas Eve. We turned the tree lights on and lit all the candles. The kids were quite excited to have family devotions by candle light. We had decided that we would let the kids open a couple of presents Christmas Eve but didn't tell them. As a result they were very patient as we sat around the candle lit living room talking and singing. It's a scene that I will hold dearly in my heart. The kids were very surprised when we suggested opening a few presents Christmas.
It ended up being nice spreading out the present opening. Christmas morning the kids woke up and played with the toys they had opened the night before not begging to open presents. And we did open the rest of the presents we we took time to play with each toy instead of continually telling the kids, "no don't open that game, let's keep opening presents." It's a tradition we may keep up.

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