Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We Celebrated

She's Three

My Little Brooke is 3. And she'll tell you she's a big girl now. Thanks to Grandma she had the cutest birthday dress. I saw this Christmas tree cake in a magazine and thought it would be a fun idea. Thankfully a 3 year old is not worried about keeping her birthday completely seperate from Christmas. She was quite please with her cake. And what child doesn't like picking m&m's off thier cake.

And now she's a big girl like her siblings with her own scooter.


Sarah said...

She is too cute. So wish we could be there to celebrate.

Betty's Blocks said...

Happy Birthday to a sweet girl. You are so cute. Grandma

Stacy said...

Did grandma make that dress? It's adorable!! Happy #3!! We love #3 here!!