Wednesday, March 19, 2008

When Mom Wasn't Looking

I should have listened.

I was in a groove and I didn't listen. This morning I began the daunting task of going through the kids clothes. I did this in December and thought I would be fine for a while, however, all three kids have since then gone through a growth spurt. So in preparation for summer, drawers were getting cleaned out and laundry put neatly away. I was a woman with a mission. I am usually very distracted, but this morning I was getting things done and was trying to be finished with the huge task before lunch. Emma came to me letting me know Brooke was into something and I should have listened. When I finally did come into the kitchen I realized I should have listened and acted more quickly. The mess really could have been much worse, and for that I am thankful. It wasn't until after I discovered Brooke that I realized Emma had come to me and said something about Brooke and the trash. I am very grateful it was just the trash bags and not things out of the full trash can just a few feet away. As far as 1 year old messes go this one was really quite easy to recover from: styrofoam cups thrown away and trash bags stuffed back in to the box. Note to mom: listen to three year old.

This is our latest favorite picture.


Sarah said...

Great minds think alike! I started in on Elise's room last night, but I put her in the bath to keep her from "helping" me. Brooke is too cute! So you want to come and help me finish?

the AB club said...

Sarah, I would love to help you. My schedule is full this weekend. Maybe next week.

Naomi said...

I love that picture of Brooke too. It was, by far, Matt and I's favorite picture of the slideshow- which I am trying to figure out how to post... it might not be possible.