Wednesday, March 5, 2008

More Sayings

My sister told me I should do more sayings blogs. However, they are after all my kids and just not that witty. It takes me a while to collect these sayings. Here's the latest collections.

1. I overheard this conversation while Emma was playing with a couple of dolls and role playing with them.

Emma: I hate you.

Mom: Don't talk about hating people even if we are just playing.

Emma: (resumes playing) I want you to go away.

2. This conversation took place a few days after ear infections and strep throats hit our household.

Emma: Why does it keep raining?

Mom: Because it's a rainy day. (not the most scientific answer, but it's all I could think of)

Elias: Sometimes we have rainy days and sometimes we have crying days.

Mom: What is a crying day?

Elias: It's when all the kids cry alot. (duh)

3. Only in warm Californis does this confusion occur

Mom: Wear the other jacket this one is too heavy.

Elias: Am I not strong enough for this one?


Anonymous said...

I like Elias' question about not being strong enough - that brought a good chuckle! ...and yes, that is a conversation to be found in CA! :) ~annab

Sarah said...

I love it! You will have to keep them coming. Elias is like Elise and the questions they ask just crack me up!

Naomi said...

Thanks for another laugh.