Saturday, March 29, 2008



Emma is into all things pink and princess.

The cake certainly wouldn't win any cake decorating awards, but thankfully it is very easy to impress a little girl turning 4. Although, as it turns out she doesn't like to eat cake and only licked the frosting. And somehow forcing her to eat her own birthday cake didn't seem right. However, she can eat her weight in tomatoes.

This is my new favorite tradition. My Mom made Emma a birthday pillowcase which she used the week prior to her birthday. It will now be tradition for the birthday child to sleep on the special pillow case the whole week before thier birthday.


Naomi said...

1. The cake is FABULOUS! Roxanne would have died to see it.
2. Emma's gift is on its way... on its way to being on its way.
3. We wish we could have been there to eat the hay stacks... YUUUMMMM.
4. Is your mom gonna make us a bday pillow case? Or do I need to make one myself? I'm gonna put the best pillow in it for when it is my birthday week.

the AB club said...

Naomi,we would have loved to have you over for haystacks. Maybe I should send you an official invitaion for sometime this summer. What else are you going to do with the kids all summer long? Plan an educational trip to southern California. And I don't want to ruin the surprise but I don't think you'll have to make your own birthday pillowcase.