Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Vacation part 3

My Little Fishes

This little fishy loved the water and has no fear. The other two at this age didn't like water in their face and after one dunk completely under they were extremely cautious. Not this one, she comes up smiling and wants more. We had to keep very close eyes on her. At one point she climbed in the hot tub herself without our knowledge. I looked over and her little head was peeking over the edge smiling at us.

The one year old stage is my favorite. They are soooo cute and just enough independent to make it helpful (most of the time).

Somehow I didn't get any pictures of Elias's awesome canon balls. But we did get a little bit of a souvenir. **Warning** Did you know that five days of living in a swimming pool can cause a very severe ear infection? Apparently constant swimming and not drying the ear out wears down all the ear wax and makes the ear canal all pruney (kind of like what your hands look like after washing the mound of Thanksgiving dishes). My poor 5 year old has a horrible case of swimmer's ear. He is usually my tough cookie, but after 48 hours of treatment he is still crying from the pain.

The warm up.


Sarah Bennett said...

I want to eat Brooke she is just so dang cute! I also love the pile of towels and heads peeking out picture! Poor Elias, we will pray he feels relief soon.

This is my time.... said...

Great idea for just a weekend at a hotel with the family! I need to try that sometime!