Thursday, May 1, 2008


This is the Picture

Last night at Awana it was bring your mommy to Cubbies night. It was fun having Emma sit on my lap and finally understand all the songs and stories she was coming home with. During the story time the teacher was using a powerpoint presentation to show all the things you do with your mommy. One of the things he mentioned was prayer and this is the picture he showed. Emma yelled out the first thing that came to her mind, "She's naked." Everyone laughed and the teacher tried to recover saying that she was praying in the bathtub. By then my face was already red and I was trying to give a quick lesson to my daughter that we don't shout out things during lesson time. A lesson I'm sure to repeat because after all she is my daughter. But what was the teacher thinking? I googled "girl praying", which is where I found this exact image he used. There were tons of other pictures he could have used. And I'm sure tonight during baths my 4 year old will question why we don't pray in the bathtub. Maybe we should, but I'm sure we won't be taking any pictures of it.


Sarah Bennett said...

That is too funny, but if you think of the spiritual side. We should be praying in the bath tub we can clean our bodies and our hearts all at the same time!

Naomi said...

My kids would have never noticed the naked part of the picture... just like they don't notice the naked part of every peice of art in my house. I think you need to expose them to a little more nakedness- it's a wonderful thing!!
But that's really funny.

Holly said...

heh heh heh!