Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Series of Events.

Chain Reaction

" I can't have any nice things with you kids." I can remember my Mom saying this alot when I was young. I didn't really understand it until I had kids of my own. Today it was the broom. One of the chores for the kids is to sweep the kitchen floor but today things were dragging. I went to go check on things and the child was in the bathroom with the door locked. Upon further investigation a series of infractions had taken place. 1. Child stopped sweeping. 2. Child used broom as gun to shoot another child. (In our home we don't pretend to shoot people) 3. Broom was bent and broken during a struggle between shooter and victim. 4. Behind a locked bathroom door toothpaste was being shoved down the broken broom handle?!?! I'm not sure what prompted the toothpaste and couldn't get a straight answer. But was amazed at how many steps it took to get a messy broken broom in the bathroom.


Sarah said...

Did you not know that toothpaste is like duct tape, it can fix anything!

Stacy said...

oh - that made me chuckle...and only in understanding...not in the fact that it happened!!

Anonymous said...

Cónsidering that Alex took a toothbrush and smeared vaseline all over a living room chair, it's the least his kid could do!!! Insert smiling face. Much love, Mom