Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Sayings

Things We've Heard Lately

1. Elias is dropped off by our carpool at the curb. When I go out to greet him Emma comes with me but first she turns of the TV. We're only gone about 2 minutes so why does she turn of the TV?

Emma: I want to save the TV for Elias.

2. Elias: Mrs. Busenitz, can I have a drink?
Mom: Only if you start calling me Mom.

Mom: What were you thinking?!?!?
I had alot of things I was carrying one day as we were going out the door so I asked Elias to hold my wallet. When I finally made it out to the parking garage I noticed Elias didn't have my wallet. Upon further investigation I found out he threw it up into one of the storage units above the cars. It was completely out of reach and out of sight. Never did figure out what he was thinking when he thre it.

This happened as Brooke was holding Zach and trying to give him his pacifier.
Brooke: Wackery, open mouth.

. Mom: This meal was made by Grandma.
Elias: Is that why it tastes so good?

6. Emma: Why does Zach poop if all he does is drink your milk? He should only pee.


srbouchie said...

the wisdom of kiddos!! :) i enjoy the little quotes! "wackery" looks like a cute little boy! glad things are going well! looking forward to more photos of the new one as time goes on! :) love ya! anna

Sarah said...

I love them all... I can't pick one as my favorite, but pretty cure "wackery" will be how we refer to him from now on!

Stacy said...