Thursday, June 25, 2009

Elias's Birthday

7 Already?!?!?

How is my first born already 7?

I think we relit the candles 3 times before Elias actually got to blow out his own candles. Brooke was the first selfless one to help out and then one of the other kids thought that looked fun. We finally had to give strict instructions to all kids not named Elias to hold thier breath.

What do you want to be when you grow up? : Fireman

What is your favorite food: pizza

What is your favorite candy: gum

If you were rich what would you buy: a pretend gun

What is your favorite thing to do: wrestle with dad

What is your favorite color: green

What is your favorite animala: dinosaur

What makes you laugh: tickels from dad


Sarah said...

Your kids are so literal!! They crack me up. We are so going to miss seeing them. Guess I should go finish packing!! See you soon!!

Sandy said...

I remember when our boys were less than ONE!!!! Praise God for how far he's brought our boys.

srbouchie said...

fun cake! did you have to use a special pan for it? that would be a fun one to do for isaac...he's quite clear on saying "ball" and is quite enthusiastic about them! :) anna