Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Better Late Than Never

It's a little late but I'm finally getting to my Easter pictures.
Brooke is purposely absent. We are starting to get out numbered and therefore the 1 year old did not get to particpate in the egg dyeing process.
They look so cute and almost angelic all dressed up. If it didn't come unraveled in 3.2 seconds I would do it more often. It made it easier this year with Grandma helping with hair and bows. And of course, when Grandma is around the smiles always come easier.

I am really into family traditions. And this is another one that my family puts up with. It has been my (Haverland) family's tradition to take Easter pictures with the dyed eggs in the shape of the year. You can look back in my childhood photos and know exactly what year each Easter picture was taken. And so the Alex Busenitz family is carrying that tradition on. But I have yet to get the whole gang dressed and eaten in time to take pictures before church. Therfore my ever patient husband helps me get tired and hungry kiddos to pose for an Easter picture after we come home from church. Some years have gone better than others, but in general the pictures contain tears.

Here's a few from the past. I always enjoy looking back. They grow up so quickly. I couldn't decide which ones to include so here they all are.


Sarah said...

We or maybe I love that tradition too! I do it every year and love... not sure if Tim and Elise love it as much.

Naomi said...

I try to do it every year, but it never ever ever works. I always plan on doing it before church, but run out of time, and then try to do it after church, but before lunch, and everyone, including my husband, is cranky and tired. I usually end up yelling at them all, and then most of them cry. Not a good picture.

Holly said...

that is a cool tradition!
they all look beautiful!

Aimee Hamilton said...

I remember the Haverland pictures like that...awww.....I can't believe how big everyone is getting!

This is my time.... said...

Hey Becca! So good to connect with you after all these years. Your family is beautiful. It will be fun to follow your adventures!!


Sara said...

What a fun tradition! It never would have worked in my family--we have too many rebels :) I'm glad I found you (well, you found me!) and you are on my list now.