Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Eat your Veggies!!!

So clean you could eat off the floor

Ok, I had just mopped the floor the night before, but if I hadn't it really wouldn't have changed my actions. This morning while making a salad I dropped a bunch of frozen corn on the floor. Multiple responses ran through my head: a) sweep it up and throw it away b) gently pick up the pieces and toss them in the salad (hey, I had just mopped the night before) c) call the kids to come and have a snack. My kids love frozen vegetables (if I don't cook them). I need to remember this healthy snack. Often, however, it's just a snack they get when I make a mess and call them to come clean up. Frozen corn is thier favorite, but they'll clean up frozen mixed veggies pretty quickly.


Betty's Blocks said...

Is this how you are feeding my grandkids? But it is vegetables so maybe it is healthy. Mom

Holly said...

ah...a girl after my own heart ;-)