Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Knights Beware

It all started with this...

This was one of the books from our most recent trip to the library. The book is about how Henry's boring day is turned into a medieval adventure when his Mom suggests they build a castle out of a refrigerator box. The book is filled with pictures of dad cutting, mom drawing and Henry stapling. And although I haven't yet read the book to Elias, he has memorized the pictures and has been talking about them all day explaining to me how we could make a castle and who would have what job (according to who did what in the book). And sorry for Emma, "there's no sister in the book so she can't help build the castle", according to her most loving brother.

Well, we had no refrigerator box and really no room big enough to build such a monstrosity (or enough patience on my part). What we did have was a small box, some construction paper and a black marker. And although I know my craft project pales in comparison to my incredibly talented sis-n-law , my son's opinion of me grew leaps and bounds this evening as he marveled at his developing castle.

Emma and Elias had quite the discussion as they were deciding what toys to use with their new castle. After learning that cars and castles don't usually go together, Elias surrendered to Emma's suggestion of using her toys too. So as you can see there are Rescue Heroes and Power Rangers mounted on My Little Ponies storming the castle. And the best part is that it took so long to construct that the kids had about 2 minutes to play with it before bedtime. This means that tomorrow I should get at least 30 minutes of play with no no arguing and maybe another half hour with some mild disagreements, but hopefully 60 minutes of "new toy - mom has a few minutes to breath" time. We'll see how it goes. At the end of the book Henry is wearing a crown, so I may have yet another craft project waiting for me. Thankfully I have a very easy to please son.


Betty's Blocks said...

That is a great project, you are more creative than you give yourself credit for. Mom

Naomi said...

Yeah, you are an awesome mom. I probably wouldn't have been that nice. You know this probably means that you will have to create a craft for EVERY book you read now?
Rocket checked out a "how to draw super heros" book this week, and, unlike Elias, Rocket is not easy to please, and he is angry that he is not able to draw super heros like the ones on the cover. He says the book lied.

This is my time.... said...

I did a whole speel at my mom's group last year on things to do with cardboard! I'm impressed.