Thursday, June 19, 2008

This is the time...

that Alex gets home from work. It's been a month now and we are getting use to a different schedule now that Alex is working the swing shift (3pm-11:30) at UCLA. And so far so good. It's been hard going to sleep without him, but having him home during the day is a definite bonus. We are very thankful for the job God has provided. Alex is working with the plumbing department despite the fact that he has absolutely no experience with plumbing (he's mapping out the manholes on the campus right now and will be doing those type of projects throughout the year). I was not looking forward to the odd hours but so far it has not been bad and we are actually enjoying our mornings. The benefit to this job is that it will enable him to be in class this fall in the mornings. We are very thankful to God for providing for us during our unplanned "3 month vacation". It was very fun having him home and the Lord was so very gracious in providing for us that is almost did feel a little bit like a vacation. We very much appreciate the friends and family that were praying for us.

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