Wednesday, June 18, 2008

heart surgery

Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am.

At 11:30 pm last night the temperature outside was 90 degrees and this morning it had only ropped to 83!! It is my heart's prayer that Philippians 4:11 would be true of me regardless of my circumstances, but my flesh so loves it's comfort. It may be that the entire city of Los Angeles is having to deal with an early summer heat wave because God is being faithful to his promise in Phil 1:6 and perfecting his work in me. But thankfully, there is also the promise of Romans 8:28, and I know that although others may be suffering because of my need for high temperatures, that God will work it out for their good. Because He is a good and sovereign God who works all things together for everyone who loves him.
I have recently been wrestling with the idea of contentment. I know that God is completely in control, and that every circumstance is not only allowed but ordained by him. But that fact does not put contentment to rest in me. I know and believe the truths of Romans 8:28 that God is working all things together for good. My lack of contentment lies in the definition of "good". I want the good to be my pleasure, my comfort, my ease. I often don't care if that good is "me being conformed into his image". When it comes down to it I value my pleasure over my being conformed into His image.
So now what? How do I learn to value being conformed into His image? How do I not only believe God is sovereign, but be thankful that he is sovereign and working against my flesh to conform me into the precious image of His son. Maybe I've just answered my question. Maybe I need to study and meditate on the image of His Son, consuming my thoughts with that image that is so very precious and to be treasured. Any thoughts?


Holly said...

you'd think I'd be able to go to sleep without Jake no problem by now, but no, I struggle EVERY night!!!
you're so not alone!
I'm so thankful for his job hours though, that's going to be awesome!

Naomi said...

We were reading family question cards on one of our road trips this summer and one of the questions was, "what is the secret to happiness?". Matt said "sleep" and Rocket said "wii" and I don't remember what Roxanne said (probably swim suits or leotards or something). But I said "you know the Bible says the secret is to be content no matter what. So...." and then everyone interupted me and was like "MOM! NEXT QUESTION!!!" I guess they didn't want to hear me preach. But seriously... if being content in all situations is the secret to happiness, then there we just need to discover the secret to being content. It's a constant struggle- I have an innacurate entitlement gauge that I have to constantly recallibrate. So anyways... what I meant to say with all this is: Yeah, I know what you mean.

Betty's Blocks said...

You must have inherited this from me your Dad is much more content in every situation! Sorry. Anyway I just read Anxious for Nothing by John MacArthur. It is from a series of sermons that he preached. It has a chapter on being content. A good read if nothing more than reminding us of truths that somewhere along the line we have forgotten. Also the following blog site is one that I've been reading lately, the June 13 blog has a pertinent message you might get something out of.

Sarah said...

I can so relate, but for me it seems to be contentment with His will. I have found praying that I would be content, submissive, obedient, or whatever it takes to conform to His will and not mine. About Phil 4:11, read the verses that come before it, especially 8 & 9. I use those verse help correct my mind (thoughts) and heart (attitude) and body (actions). I often have to tell myself that "X" is not true, noble, right ect, but don't stop there replace it with what is true noble and right... God's Word.