Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Seven Years Ago....
we were married. Seven years ago today we were in Florida for our honeymoon. I would love to be in Florida now, but not as we were 7 years ago. Not that we started off rocky. Things were great and are great. It sure would be nice to go on a vacation with my husband and just my husband.

On Monday (our anniversay day) our plan was to go out to dinner by ourselves. But things happened differently. Brooke came down with a terrible runny nose and an ear infection. Some friends from church were going to babysit, but with Brooke being sick and in a terrible mood we just couldn't subject them to our kids. However, Alex and I still really wanted to go out, so we decided to pack the kids up and hope for the best.

So we marched the whole crew into the Cheesecake Factory. In hopes of making it feel more like a date I made everyone dress up. I thought it would feel more special and it would set the tone for better behavior. And I decided to leave the diaper bag at home and cheerfully carried just my purse. (Although, is it still a purse and not a diaper bag if I shove a diaper, sippy cup and some toys in it.) All in all it was a pretty peaceful meal. Alex and I didn't have any deep meaningful conversation but neither were we completely busy dealing with spills or other disasters or disruptive behavior. In fact the only odd behavior was when Elias decided to place a pile of french fries on my head. Leave it to the oldest child to pull a stunt like that. It was a nice break from the mundane, even if we couldn't head off to Florida for a second honeymoon.

Elias practiced his picture taking skills. What is it about Cheesecake Factory's? I have never visited one that did not have a fountain in front of it. It's become an unspoken tradition that we always take a picture in front of the fountains.


Big Man for Jesus said...

Yes, I remember that day well. It was the weekend of the Spring Banquet and we had the rehearsal on Friday afternoon instead of evening. Man, has it been that long? And now in just a few short days (29) I will be married. Congratulations on your first seven years! May God grant you many more.

Sarah Bennett said...

Happy Anniversary! I feel a little jipped we do not have a fountain in front of our Cheesecake Factory. (It's the one in Denver and maybe because it's in a mall.)

Naomi said...

Awwwww! Congratulations! It's wonderful that you got to celebrate the wonderful family that you have created! Save the deep conversation for 1 am in the morning. However, if you want babysitters for your 8 year anniversary, you know where you need to be headed!!!!