Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another Blog

Peer Pressure?

I don't know if you call it peer pressure if it comes from a sister. Call it what you want, a request, plea, demand, or appeal. I happen to like guilt trip. My sister needs to start a blog. Elise is just too cute for me not to see regular pictures of her and since I live way too far away a blog is a must.

So what do you think? I've been racking my brain for ideas for a name of a blog for Sarah. Add your ideas in the comments.
Ok, here are some of the suggestions. My favorite is Holly's.
ksarahsarah.blogspot.com (from the song kay sa ra sa ra, which is actually que sera sera)
babblefromabennett.blogspot.com or bennettbabble.blogspot.com

These pictures are just too cute to not blog. And when one has a dad-in-law who takes the best pictures, I think it should be required to blog.


Naomi said...

Heck yeah, I totally agree. I think we might have almost convinced your mom to start one too... Betty'sBobbins? Or did we end up with another name?
I told Tim's Dad he needs to start a blog to show off his beautiful pictures.
So I guess you think Tim's blog doesn't count for Sarah too? Does that mean Matt needs to start a blog too?? That one would be really boring...

the AB club said...

My mom does have a blog. I started one with her while she was out here, but she's yet to post. We named it bettysblocks.

Tim's dad should start a blog. I would lift his pictures from his blog, maybe that's why he doesn't start one.

Tim's blog would count if he uploaded pictures of Elise.

Matt's would be boring, only because he would never post.

How about Sarah's stuff for a name?

Naomi said...

How about Sarah's Sundries. An online dictionary defines sundries as "miscellaneous unspecified objects".
Or, if it were going to be all about Elise is could be could Sarah's Sweetie.
Maybe we should just start the blog for her...

Holly said...


(or however you would spell that!?
the song...."kay sa ra sa ra, whatever will be will be....")

can I be in on the peer pressure?

Aimee Hamilton said...

Me too! I think Sarah should have a blog too! I mean....you know......

Sarah Bennett said...

So far I like somethingfromsarah I also like sarah's stuff. Also to be cool like Naomi I thought Blissfully Bennett.

Naomi said...

I'm glad Sarah finally said something. I thought she was ignoring us.
Oh I have another idea! Sarah-Salad. Ok, Sarah, make a choice and get to work!!!

Holly said...

hey thanks! (it's my favorite too...shhhh)