Friday, April 25, 2008

And More Sayings

More Sayings - all from Elias today


Mom: Elias, you have been obeying Mommy really well today. Thank you for all the chores you got done.

Elias: Tell me more.


As we drive to church we pass Alex's old job. The kids's always shout when they spot it. Recently we commented to them that dad doesn't work there anymore. It's been over two months and they hadn't realized Dad wasn't going to work. But anyways... Here's a conglomeration of conversations that took place on our way to church.

Elias: There's the place where Dad use to work. Do people still work there?

Dad: Yes

Elias: Where are you going to work next?

Dad: We don't know. God hasn't told us yet.

Elias: How is God going to tell us where to work? We can't hear him talk.

Dad: We can hear God talk in the Bible.

Elias: When are you going to get another job?

Dad: When God provides one.

Elias: Why hasn't he told us yet? Is he still thinking?

Elias is in the stage of trying to figure out all the family relationships. We are still trying to explain to Elias and Emma that they can't marry each other.

Elias: Is Dad grandma's kid?

Mom: Yes

Elias: Is Dad a kid or a grownup?


Holly said...

...and how did you answer that last one? ;-)

and by the way, what is 'dinner'?
we don't eat that around here, that's how.

just kidding.
I do cooking once a month so that really helps and you'd be suprised how much extra time a husband takes up - trust me. it's a little known secret that when the guys are away we really have 'more' time, it's just really really different time and it's time we'd rather do without because we're such emotional messes that it doesn't matter...

the AB club said...

I answered like I do all hard questions. That's a good question for your dad. He then told them he was both a kid and a grownup which Elias accepted.

Naomi said...

You need to move closer to us because I think that Rocket and Elias could have some really deep coversations. Rocket is always talking about God and Satan fighting in his brain. It's kinda freaky.
Last summer when we were backpacking with my dad rocket said, "yeah, but he's not REALLY your dad- that's just something you call him."