Saturday, April 19, 2008


The Poppies are in Bloom

We drove an hour north today to go to The Poppy Festival, which was a little bit misleading. The only poppies we saw were a few potted ones as we entered the gates. It was a lot of arts & crafts and funnel cake type booths. We saw lots of pictures of poppies but no actual flowers. So after leaving The Festival we drove to the hills to find the real deal. It was very windy so the flowers were not opened up, but it was really neat to see the sea of orange.

Because the poppy is the California state flower it is illegal to pick a poppy in the wild. I, therefore, gave Elias strict instructions to NOT pick any flowers. But as he was running through the field it occurred to me that he was destroying way more flowers than if he had picked a few for his mama. But who can resist the urge of running and singing "the hills are alive" with this kind of setting.

The girls were so tuckered out from the festival that I couldn't bear to wake them for the real deal. But it was killing me to not get a family picture in such a picturesque setting.

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Naomi said...

Elias looks like Dorothy from the wizard of Oz.
"Poppies!!!" (in a wicked witch voice)